Cake Circles and Boards 

CoPak offers high quality metallic paper-covered cake circles for your bakery, featuring an elegant pattern resembling intertwined leaves. Our cake circles have a double layer of corrugated cardboard for extra strength, with the top embossed with the metallic gold.


  • Elegant gold-leaf metallic embossed

  • Double layer of corrugated cardboard for strength

  • Decorative scalloped edges to display your cakes beautifully

We also carry heavy duty cake boards, great for carrying and displaying larger and heavier cakes. They are made of 2 layers of heavy corrugated cardboard to keep them from collapsing in the center.  Available in a variety of colors. The undersides of these boards are covered with kraft paper.


  • Display and transport your cakes with ease

  • Beautiful presentation for customers

  • High quality cardboard